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Morrocco Media is an adventure and sports film-making, television and documentary  studio and video-production agency, based in rural Perthshire, Scotland.

Our purpose is to produce creative, informative, educational and entertaining films that showcase sport, adventure, science, education, environment and Scotland, and, ideally, all six combined.  We go beyond the results, records and first of sports to understand the science, psychology, and social and environmental issues, and how sport can help improve all of our lives. 

We help people get an in-depth insight into the world of sport and turn a light on inside the black-box of sports performance.       Morrocco Media is owned by Dr. Stefan Morrocco - a scientist, and massive sports geek, turned filmmaker.  Stefan's values are to share knowledge that will improve people's life. Technically, Stefan is an accomplished cinematographer and editor, but has a real passion for direction and development of stories and concepts. With support from talented freelancers, we have a strong and capable team able to deliver factually entertaining television programmes, documentaries and adventure films.

Stefan discovered his passion for filming when he was doing an upland geomorphology Ph.D. at St Andrew's University.  As Captain of the University Cycling Club, he found himself leading their entry for a University-wide filming competition. Anyone who finds themselves still glued to their computer screen editing at 4 AM is definitely passionate about what they are doing. The interest in filming has blossomed from that first film competition. 

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