Board of Directors

The Wild Scotland board is made up of a diverse range of highly-skilled, motivated and passionate individuals from varied backgrounds which all connect to Scotland’s Great Outdoors.

The board works closely with the Executive team to advise and support when required. Skills include leadership, sustainability, digital, marketing and legal. Our board members represent the variety of sectors within our membership, with experience ranging from wildlife and nature to adventure and marine. 

The key focus for the Wild Scotland board is to support, inspire and motivate members and businesses in the sector to deliver sustainable and responsible experiences that align with the Wild Scotland Best Practice Principles and Guidelines, and help Scotland's outdoor tourism sector make a positive social, economic and environmental impact .

Cath Wright biopic

Cath Wright, Board Chair

Speyside Wildlife

Cath has worked for wildlife tour operator and Wild Scotland member Speyside Wildlife for over 10 years. Within her role she focuses on sales and marketing along with tailor made tours and event management. Before this, she worked for Rothiemurchus as a Visitor Operations Manager meaning she has had a relationship with Wild Scotland for over 15 years and knows many of the elements that make not only the wildlife and activities Scotland has to offer special, but also the uniqueness of Scotland as a destination in its own right. Cath has always had a passion for best practise, collaboration and quality assurance. In 2020 she also established her own business, Highland Quietlife. She is a qualified Nature and Forest Therapy guide operating within the Cairngorms. Within both of her working roles, she is keen to ensure the outdoors is as accessible as possible for those who wish to enjoy it.

Andy Bateman

Andy Bateman


Along with his partner Rebecca, Andy has been running Scot Mountain Holidays for the past 25 years. Based in Boat of Garten in the Cairngorms National Park, they offer all-inclusive guided walking holidays, mountain skills courses and camping trips including hot-tenting and horse packing, across the Highlands and Islands. Andy is a fully qualified Mountain Walking Guide with over 20 years of experience. He has exceptional guiding knowledge of Scotland’s most stunning locations and his extraordinary knowledge and expertise in the field guarantees all guided outings are safe and full of adventure. His guests can enjoy anything from a relaxed day hike, to a demanding overnight snow-caving expedition. Besides being such an amiable companion, Andy is a wonderful teacher offering the encouragement and inspiration that allows guests to go further in their expeditionary adventure than they ever imagined they could.

Pete Creech, Heart of Argyll Wildlife

Pete Creech

Heart of Argyll Wildlife

Along with his colleague Oly Hemmings, Pete founded the Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation based at the Argyll Beaver Centre in Knapdale Forest, Mid Argyll in 2017. They are a charitable social enterprise with a remit for environmental education and conservation. The centre is wholly off-grid and operates as a visitor hub, environmental interpretation centre, field centre and community space.  They run a variety of public and bespoke events and activities, the most popular of which are their regular beaver and rainforest walks. They also engage in education to degree level, species reintroduction projects, non-native species control and environmental consultation. 2024 is the 15th anniversary of the return of the Eurasian Beaver to Scotland and they intend to celebrate in grand style with a summer wildlife festival.

Shane Wasik, Basking Shark Scotland

Shane Wasik

Basking Shark Scotland

Basking Shark Scotland is an innovative wildlife and water sports tour business, based in Oban on the west coast of Scotland. Shane’s background is in Marine Biology and he completed his honours degree in 2003. He attained scientific and commercial diving qualifications in 2001 but started diving as a wee laddie in 1996. His qualifications include BSAC First Class Diver and Advanced Instructor, along with technical and rebreather diving. He has worked in many different fields including fishery and environmental protection, aquariums, underwater and travel photography and shipwreck disaster response along with organising diving exhibitions. He also has a long list of boating qualifications including a commercial skippers licence. His experiences with basking sharks have driven him to enable others to share the breathtaking experience of seeing these gentle giants in the wild. He has travelled extensively around the world including much of the South Pacific.

Kirstin Uhlenbrock

Kirstin Uhlenbrock


Starfish Travel provides bespoke tours all over Scotland, aiming for sustainability, slow travel and incorporating services of other specialist providers.  Kirstin has worked in a great variety of industries across Europe before developing Starfish Travel as a sideline to her partner’s taxi company back in 2013. She is also a fully qualified Yoga teacher, functional mobility specialist and loves horse riding, swimming, hiking - all the things that Scotland invites you to pursue - and has a keen interest in preserving Scotland’s beauty.

Sophia Reed 2

Sophia Reed


Sophia has been the Mutual Manager of the Activities Industry Mutual (AIM) since January 2018 and works closely with the Chairman and the Board of Directors as well as the team who look after the Members.  AIM provides liability cover to those working in the adventure activity industry covering both indoor and outdoor sectors.  She oversees the Underwriting team for both new business and the renewal process; regularly visits Members to discuss their requirements and issues affecting the various sectors of the Industry; organises Members Events and networking opportunities for the Members; and speaks at Sector and Industry events.  She also manages the Mutual’s relationship with the Mutual’s Supporting Insurer.  

A defendant insurance lawyer for 24 years prior to joining AIM, she brings a wealth of experience in terms of risk assessment and claims defensibility to the role and regularly meets with Members to advise on claims defensibility and risk management.

She enjoys running, especially half marathons, as well as hill walking, cooking, yoga and whisky.

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