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Adrian Boot wants to keep the wild, wild with a business committed to being a force for good.  

Being able to sustain ourselves as individuals, as a business and creating a wider sustainable society through a passion for ethical adventures, is the core of Adrian’s company belief.

Mountain Adventures In Glen Coe, Scotland, With Ocean Vertical

Sustainable evidence

Sustainability runs through their veins and is evidenced in every aspect of their business practice, from the local food and produce, and includes the sources of the materials and equipment they use. 

Ocean Vertical literally takes guests from the sea bed to the mountain-top. Their enthusiasm and passion for Scotland’s wilder side, is matched by the gentle care they lavish on their guests from their upcycled base nestled in the East Lothian countryside.  

Winter Mountaineering Adventure With Sunrize Over Glen Coe, Scotland, With Ocean Vertical

A considered approach

Adrian is acutely aware of the current pressure on people and of the bounce back from the expectations that came out of covid, with mass tourism, and people retreating back to less sustainable holidays on the rise. 

Having an adaptive and flexible approach, Ocean Vertical have looked to diversify their product range, bringing in more group and corporate clients, without deviating from the alignment of their purpose. With corporate groups, they can really see a difference in attitude and behaviour toward nature and in being more sustainable, not just in individuals but across whole teams and indeed “non green” businesses. They ensure people still have an intimate, safe experience that is rooted to and connected with nature and the wild elements.

Paddle Boarding SUP With Ocean Vertical At Seacliff Beach And The Bass Rock In East Lothian

Putting the environment first

Embedded in all their experiences is explicit inspiration about the environment within which the adventures are taking place and the impact on wildlife and nature. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code is central to their ethos and is shared with guests, varying location of where activities take place frequently to ensure impacts are minimised. 

As sustainability is infused across all aspects of the business, Ocean Vertical not only encourages guests to give back to nature through donations and voluntary work but as a business they actively organise the annual “Blue Friday''. A day where they become volunteers and undertake active conservation projects themselves. 

In this they encourage previous guests and other partners to participate. Now in its 4th Year, it grows in reach and collaboration and is something the Outdoor Tourism sector could replicate and expand on. 

A shared ethos

Working with businesses with a similar ethos is imperative for Ocean Vertical to remain true to their purpose.

Networking, sharing, learning and working with others is a valuable asset that should not be underestimated across rural economies. It is reaching new customers that's a bit of an inhibitor to the business at the moment, to ensure its economic survival. But the main challenge is ever seeking to improve the sustainability of the business, staying true to their purpose and ethos, whilst still being financially viable.

Rewarding and incentivising business to choose more sustainable products and practices, given the current financial premium on these, would “accentuate the positive “ effort towards net zero and go some way to  “eliminate the negative” choices that are in fact moving the tourism sector away from a more sustainable future.

Nurturing people's need for freedom and adventure


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