Members Code of Conduct

For sustainable wildlife, adventure & activity tourism

Our Code of Conduct clarifies our commitment to our vision, purpose and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct that defines desired behaviours.

All of our members must pledge their commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism and complying with requirements by signing up to our Code of Conduct.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct are taken seriously and investigated by 3 members of our Board. The procedure that we follow can be viewed here.



Our Commitment

Wild Scotland seeks to ensure:

  • The sustainability of the natural and cultural environment whilst seeking to influence and engage with sustainable practice internationally.

  • To increase awareness around all our actions leading to positive environmental and social change.

  • Collaborative and supportive community, to be key changemakers focussing on sustainability around people, planet and profit.

  • Increase awareness of the fundamental benefits of nature to human health andwellbeing, both physical and mental.

  • Collectively reinforce that our actions must match our values through providing people with experiences and resources to become advocates for Scotland’s natural and cultural environment as well as their own natural and cultural environment closer to home.

  • Go beyond reducing negative impact on the environment and regenerate to have a beneficial effect on nature in Scotland.

  • Offer compelling storytelling that isaccessible, genuine, intentional thereby helping visitors to contribute to positive
    solutions to the environmental and social challenges facing Scotland’s wild places.

  • Amplify all the good practice of Wild Scotland and inspire a new generation of leaders and employees in the
    outdoor sector.

Make your member pledge

Commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism by signing up to the following Wild Scotland Code of Conduct.

  • To be supportive of the aims and objectives of Wild Scotland and will not bring the organisation or the sector into disrepute.

  • Comply with all relevant statutory legislation and legal obligations applicable.

  • To conduct all activities in adherence to the Wild Scotland Best Practice Principles and Guidelines.

  • I'm committed to always providing high standard, quality experiences, that sustain and nurture the environment.

  • Have consideration for a sustainable environment including engagement with local communities, aiming for regeneration as well as protection of the landscape and nature.

  • Are sensitive to the needs of their staff and visitors taking responsibility and appropriate measures to safeguard emotional and physical welfare of both.

  • Follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code ensuring you adhere to access rights, acting responsibly and respectfully at all times.

Best Practice Principles

For sustainable wildlife, adventure and activity tourism.

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Best Practice Guidelines

For professionalism, quality and excellence.

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