Nurture Yourself

Take time to check in on how you are feeling and share with others too.


You have the dream job, interesting, exciting and fulfilling and you're out there in the wonderful Scottish landscape sharing it with lots of happy, satisfied customers. So how come sometimes you don't feel so great and life isn't so wonderful?

It has been a tough couple of years with huge amounts of uncertainty and financial insecurity. Many of us work alone or in very small teams and have high levels of responsibility – for clients, staff, family and the environment we work in. As a sole trader or part of a small team there may be no one with whom you can, or feel able to share your worries with. Indeed, you may feel that you should be able to cope, and put a brave face on.

It is important to accept that everyone struggles at some time and that there are places to go where there is someone to talk to. No one should suffer in silence and it is important to look after yourself, as you would look after others and the world around you.


Here's a wee list of places that may help: