Representing our industry, responsibly

Wild Scotland is a membership organisation representing wildlife, adventure & activity tourism operators.


Wildlife, Adventure and Activity tourism is globally one of the fastest growing segments within the tourism industry, supporting businesses and employment throughout Scotland including rural and economically fragile areas.

The sector delivers tangible benefits to the people of Scotland reconnecting people with nature, promoting responsible access, health and wellbeing, and sustainable economic growth. 

Following the onset of COVID-19 there are increasingly more people enjoying the great outdoors, whether it be a newfound love of watching wildlife and being amongst nature or a passion for paddle boarding or wild swimming. We have seen people holidaying in their own country for the very first time posting endless pictures on Instagram and Facebook of nature-based and adventure activities. As an integral part of Scotland’s tourism industry, we must continue to nurture our visitors by ensuring we deliver sustainable and responsible activities and experiences through excellence and care.

Our industry is made up of a diverse range of businesses and operators who deliver a wide range of activities from wildlife watching holidays to wilderness retreats, dolphin watching boat trips to wild swimming and winter mountaineering. It is made up of passionate, skilled and hard-working people who collectively contribute to Scotland’s rural economy.

Wild Scotland is a membership organisation representing wildlife, adventure & activity tourism operators. Membership is rapidly increasing, driven by demand for industry leadership to lobby for the sector and develop a sustainable approach to outdoor and nature-based tourism. The organisation is renowned for its approach to Best Practice in the sector, setting benchmarks for the industry and offering assurance to visitors that all members are responsible and sustainable operators.

The assurance of sustainable and responsible tourism activity is not only crucial in the fight against climate change and in protecting Scotland’s natural environment, but we’re also seeing a much higher awareness amongst travellers of environmental impacts which will influence booking decisions and affect how people travel. These visitors will be the new normal and we need to make sure we are ready for them. Our future visitors both international and domestic will be making decisions based on quality and sustainability.

If you’re a wildlife adventure or activity operator and would like to find out more about Wild Scotland, then get involved! Join us and support us - we can achieve much more when we speak with one voice.