Marine, Adventure and Wildlife – Outdoors Scotland Tourism Strategy

Wild Scotland and Sail Scotland are undertaking a tourism planning process that will result in an Outdoors Scotland Tourism Strategy for Scotland’s Marine, Adventure and Wildlife industry sectors.

This is an exciting initiative that will give the Marine, Adventure and Wildlife tourism industry a unique opportunity to look at emerging opportunities, and to discuss ways of addressing issues and concerns that together will generate a greater return from our visitors and build a stronger industry.

As part of this process you are invited to participate in one of the upcoming workshops being held across Scotland.  At the workshops we will share with you the key findings to date and importantly the results of the new UK Consumer research by 56 Degree Insight carried out for the development of the new strategy.

The workshops will focus on questions such as:

  1. What differentiates Scotland and gives us a competitive advantage as a Marine, Adventure and Wildlife tourism destination?
  2. What factors might be hindering the sustainable growth of outdoors tourism in Scotland?
  3. How do we build on our advantages and strengthen the return on our key markets?
  4. What does success in Outdoors Tourism look like?

The workshops are open to any business, community group,  local authority, tourism associations etc. with an interest in Marine, Adventure or Wildlife Tourism.

Book your free place today at an Outdoors Scotland Tourism Strategy Regional Workshop - Come along, have your say and get involved in how outdoors tourism is developed in Scotland by following this link – Outdoors Scotland Tourism Strategy Workshops